The current trend in the increasing unemployment across the globe can be well explained by certain factors which are accelerating the whole situation. Some of the reasons promoting unemployment are:

Increasing population:

This factor is the most obvious reason for unemployment. The increasing population is continuously increasing the competition within the nation. More and more educated youth are finding it difficult to get white-collar jobs. Hence, this increasing population and the competition uprising, as a result, is something to be looked upon as early as possible or will have adverse effects on the youth thereby bringing down the productivity and the growth of the nation.

Slow economic growth:

Indian economy is underdeveloped and the role of economic growth is quite obviously very slow. This slow growth fails to provide enough unemployment opportunities to the increasing population. Scarcity in economic growth has a diverse effect on the scarcity of jobs.

Seasonal Occupations:

Certain people are employed only during a particular season in a year. For example, if we consider people doing agriculture it is well observed that they aren’t employed throughout the year. Agriculture is underdeveloped in India. It only provides seasonal employment. This boosts unemployment drastically.

Slow Industrialisation:

The rate by which industrial growth is happening is very slow. Though the emphasis is laid on industrialisation yet the avenues of employment created by industrialisation are very few.

Fall of various small industries:

Industrial development had adverse effects on various small and cottage industries and this led to the loss of jobs for a major part of the population. The production rate began to fall which led to the cut-off of various jobs thereby increasing unemployment throughout the country.

Reservation system:

In India, the reservation system is perpetual and prohibits work for specific castes in certain areas. The reservation system can be considered one of the major reasons hindering the quality of our nation and is decreasing the rate of development. In many areas, the work is not given to the deserved candidates but to the reserved. This has a diverse effect on the whole generation as students do not get what they deserve. Also, in certain cases, powers are misused and jobs are given to people belonging to a particular community only. All of these increase unemployment in the nation.

Immobility of labour:

Mobility of labour is of quite an importance in an economy. The rate in our nation is very low. Due to the attachment towards the family which results in the so-called homesickness, people do not go to faraway cities for better jobs. Also, other factors such as language, religion, climate are responsible for this observed low mobility. This boosts the nation’s unemployment in a serious manner.

Lack of proper planning:

There is no proper planning done to eradicate unemployment in the long run. For overcoming any situation as such proper planning is of utmost importance. Defective planning, hence, is one of the major causes of this never-ending unemployment. There is a wide observable gap between the supply and demand of labour. There is no proper formulated plan to look into such a situation and as a result, unemployment is increasing daily.



As the population is increasing rapidly throughout our nation, one of the countries in the whole world that experiences drastic competition for jobs is obviously ours. More and more universities are coming up and more and more students are being educated but only a very small percentage of these graduated students end up with the jobs they deserve. The whole system of Indian labour laws is inflexible and restrictive, and its infrastructure is poor, which is actually the main reason for the unemployment situation as concluded from certain researches. The lack of skill-based education in schools and colleges is the main reason for unemployment. Our education system is primarily concerned with the quality and knowledge and written examination more than practical based tasks. This hinders the quality of education and the standards of the graduates of the nation.  The reservation system of our nation is also one of the major issues faced by the youth. This discussion has 2 sides to talk about.  In certain cases, jobs are given only to a certain caste or religious group which is totally unacceptable and can be considered as a misuse of power and domination. Also, in certain cases, jobs are given to the reserved and not to the deserved. This scenario also hinders productivity and cannot be justified. Hence these are some major issues the graduated youth of our nation is facing at present.


The basic idea of suppressing our PASSION and competing in the rat race can be considered as one of the major reasons why certain graduates are not employable. They aren’t here because they wanted to be. This position they are screening for is not something they want from the bottom of their heart. Then why are they trying so hard and competing with other similar graduates to get into these jobs? The answer is money. The basic injection into our brains that money is everything and only if you become an engineer or a doctor, will you be able to lead a successful life is a thing that kills our childhood passion. Most of the engineers or managers or anyone running faster and faster in the rat race had different plans in their childhood days. Hence someone who wanted to be an author is a doctor, someone who wanted to be an artist is now an engineer and someone who wanted to be a pilot is now some manager. This whole thing is a problem to be dealt with. We find very rare students who are studying engineering and are interested at the same time. This basic intersection of passion ad desire makes a graduate employable and it’s a regret that we find only a handful of them in today’s scenario. The idea of leading a luxury life just because these professions pay well hit back in life sarcastically. You are never able to enjoy what you do, which means you continuously cure your decisions somewhere in the past. Hence it’s quite necessary to follow your passion and try to be what you really wanted. This makes you employable as you are never bad in what you do and that’s what everyone desires. Don’t just let people lure you into certain false dreams like leading a luxurious life after getting a good paycheck even if you are not interested in what you do. 

This is the sole reason why employers find it difficult to employ certain graduates. Besides this a good academic record, certain achievements in college life, good communication skills, respectable manners are also certain factors employers are keen upon and students lacking this are also not employable.



This question is worth asking and something to ponder upon. There are certain things an employee lacks which are as follows:


One of the primary reasons employees don’t perform well is because they aren’t aware of the work standards they should maintain. They have no idea of what is expected from them. Managers barely help them set goals and hence they lack motivation. Without the provision of clear guidelines about the expectations, employees don’t find inclined to take initiative and achieve higher goals.


Some employees perform very well with directives, but most do not. In return, they want to be part of the bigger picture and would perform at their optimum levels when they develop ownership of the project. Workplace motivation is important. Workers are motivated by perks, respect and appreciation. Their creativity and motivation will slack off.


This is one of the problems of HR. A new employee with a different graduate degree will not be able to provide cent per cent for the current job. They can be trained to achieve this. 


Employees may simply lack the will to do the work that they are provided with. There is no straightforward solution to this problem. One reason behind employees being unwilling to perform their work could be the rapid changes in the work environment. Also, they might lack the particular passion required to carry out the work assigned with determination.


Certain employees lack communication and are hesitant to share their problems. The problem is most managers don’t understand how the employees think and an employee might need something different from the manager to really understand the work process. As an employee, one must feel free to share his problem with colleagues or with their employers.

These are certain factors that the employees lack in today’s work scenario and is not something that should be considered silly and ignored. It’s a fact to ponder upon.


Covid-19 has undoubtedly brought down employment opportunities worldwide. Almost all the organisations reduced their job postings as well as their pay scales. We have seen so many scenarios since the outbreak of Covid pandemics like infection in large number, testing, containment zones, safe home, quarantine, mask, sanitiser, PPE kits, rushing of ambulances, haste involvement of health personnel which include doctors, nurses, paramedical staffs, police personnel and most shockingly many helpless deaths. Besides we have also witnessed other types of situations like lockdown in industrial units, a beeline of unemployed workers with hungry family members. Many daily wage labourers had a real tough time as there were no jobs to be done due to lockdowns and restrictions. As they had a daily wage unlike the white-collar and corporate jobs, they had a real tough time leading their lives in midst of this pandemic situation. Also, the migrant labourers had to take their families and walk over hundreds of kilometres to cross borders and go to their native place or unknown place for mere survival. The scene which left us with unspeakable pain is that while crossing such large distances on feet with national highways these labourers lost their nationality. Hence the poor had a tough time while the rich were primarily enjoying the lockdown days. But it didn’t take long before they understood this pandemic is going to change the life of the middle class as well. People starting losing their jobs and the ones who didn’t start getting nearly half their salary and this started making life tough. The economy fell and recession strike making unemployment inevitable. Certain senior employees of organizations who had worked there for almost the whole of their working period lost their jobs and it became difficult for them to search for a new one in midst of such a pandemic. Also, the new graduates also found it difficult to find placements as companies started bringing down openings so that their ends could meet. It is not the scenario that pre covid everyone was employed. Unemployment always existed in our society. The fact discussed here is that the Covid-19 is the process.