The industry which contributes to the employment of a large amount of youth is the IT industry.  It provides with a wide variety of opportunities to explore and one can always look forward to developing his skillset in the industry. Naturally, there are quite a lot of myths about this industry which is a fact to ponder upon and something worth clarifying. The youth should get the crystal idea of how promising the industry is and make sure they don’t get lured away by the myths.

The various myths in the IT industry can be pointed down as follows:

Gender inequality:

It is a well-renowned myth that only men work in the technology field. Undoubtedly, many women work in the IT industry. Women counted up to 27.8% of those in the computer systems design and related services industry in a survey of 2019, according to labor force statistics from the BLS. As of 2016, women made up 14%, 25%, 29% of the engineering, computer, and physical science occupation workforce. As more girls study tech-related subjects, the number of women in technology may increase in an obvious case. According to certain surveys, girls made up approximately 47% of AP calculus test takers and 29% of AP computer science takers in 2019. There are also reports that the count of women earning bachelor’s degrees in computer and information sciences has consistently increased since 2010.

There is no job security:

It’s partly true, to be frank. There are quite a lot of start-ups out there that aren’t particularly stable. They may face sudden setbacks. Also, pandemic situations can lead to recessions which can make the industry unstable. These are some of the cases where these myths can be considered partly true. But tech in general is a very stable career field. If you lose a job there are a lot of opportunities open for you if you have the required skill set and determination. The unemployment rate in tech is quite low compared to other industries.

Language isn’t a matter of concern:

The myth that verbal and written skills don’t matter is really far from true. Having these soft skills is of utmost importance and is equally important to having prerequisite technical knowledge, since they affect how you interact with co-workers, manage your workload, and solve problems. The ability to lead and motivate teams is also one desirable soft skill that matters in managerial positions. Communication and leadership skills are important qualities of computer and information system managers.

Tech is always related to Silicon Valley:

Silicon Valley is undoubtedly home to many large tech companies including Apple, Google, and Facebook, but it is to be injected into the youth that one doesn’t have to go to Silicon Valley to have a technology career. Software developers can work from anywhere in the world. During these pandemic days working remotely was the only choice tech people were left with. Hence, tech opportunities can be found anywhere in the world.

Formal education is not required:

It has become quite common these days that people talk about how education is not mandatory to be a success in life. In many circumstances, we may come across people who have no education but are completely self-taught. But the unspoken thing about formal education is that it promotes greatly critical thinking and effective communication. It provides the professional injection to our attitude and makes us better people.

The real Truth:

There are a wide variety of options to choose from. Developing soft skills and gaining the necessary education can help men and women thrive in a tech career. Never consume yourself with the various myths in the tech atmosphere but always have an idea of how the technical field of our globe is evolving and explore the wide variety of opportunities you are provided with.

Tech hasn’t got a creative face:

Certain things desired in tech fields are an organization, attention to detail, and strong analytical skills. But, the power of creativity isn’t something to be compromised. Troubleshooting database problems, resolving network issues and building new software, betterment of user interface all require it. When you are working in a tech field it is better to make sure that left and right-brained thinking is a part of you as it is always beneficial.

One will be made to work at start-ups:

It is quite possible that a fresher might have to work and learn with start-ups but it’s not the case always. One getting placed in MNCs during his graduation period can have great work exposure. People can gain great experiences and always move forward in their tech road. This myth is quite similar to have to work in Silicon Valley but in a pessimistic view.

One should have real Math or Science knowledge:

Math and science skills can be considered a bonus and super useful if one wants to be a part of the tech field. But it is to be noted that not every one of the developers is a math or science expert. It’s true that some particular fields require a basic understanding of maths but it’s not the case always. Also, they are almost useless in the area of design or digital marketing which mainly require artistic and communication skills.

One spends all his day coding:

If one wants to spend all his day coding, the only possible industry he can choose is the tech industry. But the vice versa case is not true. One can spend all day designing, creating content, marketing on social media, implementing market strategies or analyzing data, or mentoring others. There is a wide range of activities other than coding.

All the skills you already possess is useless:

One’s experience and skillset always help in being a good employee. If you have developed good communication skills, maintained harmony in the workplace with your colleagues and employers, be punctual, come up with creative solutions and strategies, know how to cooperate and work as a team, all these are going to be a bonus in the new milestone of your career.

Hence, make sure we all get to know the truth and not spoil our life by believing in such myths and losing opportunities. The youth should get to know the facts for the betterment of life and build their career. All these lead to a secure future.