How HR advice and opinion is important for career growth


There is a lot of differences between the words of advice and opinion. Advice is offered after all the information collected from you and it is purely based on knowledge, experience, and industry expertise. But opinion is a belief that a person has formed based on a topic or issue.


We already know that HR plays a critical and crucial role in an organization. Because every employee considers as an asset to our company. So the HR function helps a company succeed in hiring employees, supporting their growth, and always keeping engaged. An effective Human Resource Management prevents the company’s struggles. Every company facing many internal problems regarding their employees. This is solved by getting advice and opinion from HR.

Importance of HR advice and opinion:

When the thing comes to managing employees and their issues the HR department must act as a reliable friend. In 2018 data showed that a company’s strategic decisions depend on 80% of HR and it hiked to 90% in 2019. The HR department actively worked to safeguard the employee’s interests and create a positive work environment for them.

For the new employees, the HR department is the only point of contact with the organization. Because they did the new hires, introduce them to the team members, and also assist them in the initial documentation and paper works. The whole spectrum of employee’s life cycle cover and works on the HR advice and opinion.



Advice and opinion for maximizing the people contributions:


Before employing someone we need to understand the labor market. Because this gives the information about the availability, location, and paying for a particular role across the globe. This can help us to identify the need for roles, where we get them, and how much we are ready to pay. So to attract a suitable candidate we should create an attractive strategy based on the competition in the field of expertise. The basic reason for the employee doesn’t want to work for a company when they refused to pay a decent salary. Attraction is also based on giving opportunities like if they don’t know something about a particular task try to advising and give professional training instead of scorn them.

Resourcing and Recruitment:

Resourcing is the process of matching the operational and strategic needs of the organization with human resource capabilities. Recruitment is the key responsibility of the HR department. The shifting in how to recruit and recruit the best people may influencing by local and global factors. The recruitment process development depends on the expertise level and talent of candidates in our industry. We have to consider another vital thing is to determine the paying salaries and financial rewards in this process. 

In case the salary framework is too complicated, there may be a requirement for specialists to employ the payments and rewards. To tackle all of these we want a good HR professional will be the best and simple strategy. They can help with the queries and protocols that arise in this stage.

Contractual issues:

The terms and conditions are not only the issues but also the conditions of employees play a crucial role in the contractual issues. To protect both organization and the organization’s culture may be done by the well-written policies. So making ensure that any changes in psychological and contractual terms, that leads us to a working well business.


Induction is a process of introducing the new employees to our organization’s members at what level they are working at can be costly. The first impression of our organization makes their minds up about our business. That leads them to decide that it will be a long journey with this organization or not. Because many organizations have the prones of losing employees and also sacrifice their investment after any recruitment and training. As the result of poorly performing or leaving of people will affect the whole organization. Especially the surveys suggested that over 40% of employees leave the organization within the first 90 days.

Managing the performance:

In case of badly done our some performance regime like induction, it will hinder our business rather than enhance it. So try to reach the standard level by reviewing the team and individual performance. Because this is essential to our business. Also mapping the needs of changes, making sure of capabilities, and forecasting of future capabilities leads to the continued success. The calculation of transformation failure is 70% and is expected to increase in the future.


Development is an investment in one’s employees that will lead to the ultimate expected and stronger results. Deciding the kind of development for our teams and employees is very essential and like art. The developments and arranging budget for execution are purely based on the business requirements. The development is not only just give the training, but the great to be achieved by assigning the tasks or projects to the people.