Pandemic Effects on HR Managers

The virtual screening:

After the hit of the pandemic, the face-to-face walk-in screening process is long lost and social platforms like Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc have started playing a major role. The majority of the interview screening is being done on these and remote interviews have advantages of their own.

Increased Flexibility:

As businesses worldwide are following the ‘Work From Home’ concept, this will significantly impact the corporate world in the near future. Undoubtedly, it has already impacted the ways employees are working and overall businesses functioning.

As a result, human resources professionals must be quick enough to adapt to the current and upcoming changes and keep adding value to the work environment. In this rapidly evolving market, HR professionals can’t afford to struggle while adapting to the drastic changes in the corporate world.

Staying flexible in the changing work environment was all about adopting the latest technology advancements, but now having an open mindset and capability to handle stressful conditions is of much more priority. Above everything, to maintain the balance of the whole process, implementing the new and unexpected changes is an additional responsibility for the HR professionals.


Pandemic Effects on HR Managers


The art of critical thinking:

In the technology-driven era where everything is being done online, everything is based on what you see on the internet. And, talking about the internet, it is obvious that it can’t be 100 percent genuine. Hence, it’s imperative to evaluate the right information and making informed decisions. Critical thinking is a soft skill that is mandatory to become an industry-ready HR professional in an era like this.


The Work From Home concept is a barrier for HR professionals to monitor the employees’ activities. It’s clearly challenging to evaluate whether the employees are giving their full or not. Hence, there should be certain improvements in the predefined skillset of HR professionals. Along with supervising and managing the employees, they should also encourage them and create flexible work schedules, if required.

Emotional Intelligence:

This particular quality was something most of the HR professionals lack and never try to learn upon. But, in this current situation, it has become inevitable to look into this matter and the Covid situation demands rightful improvement. Most of the employees are suffering from financial, personal, or other mental problems, and its of utter importance that the HR professionals should connect with them emotionally. Managers who can control their emotions and motivate the employees are a worthy asset to the company. Controlling and understanding emotions isn’t only important during this pandemic period, but needs to be built in everyone to make the whole company stable.

The introduction of newer technologies:

Innovative technologies such as Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are considered the best analysts and are the milestones in the recruitment process especially in a pandemic hit online situation like this. With the introduction of AI, the whole selection process has increased its standards. In the process one is made to answer the questions generated by the system and his facial expressions, change in attitude and almost the whole personal appearance is accounted and evaluation is done, thus leading to the best of the candidates being selected. Also, chances of selection on the basis of caste, color, creed, religion, or any other unfair norms are completely eradicated with the help of the described innovation.

Having an innovative mindset has become important for HR professionals to maintain peace in the work environment and boost sales reports.