Invest In Yourself To Change Your Life For The Better

What do people mean when they say you have to invest in yourself to be successful??

Every self-help resource out there mentions that an investment in yourself pays the best dividends but how many people understand how to do that?!!?


1) Read for Growth:

The most accessible thing to do for long-term growth and investment in yourself is to learn how to read for growth. People don’t read books because someone around them is forced (or) suggested to them to read boring books and they got turned off from it.

The Best strategy to pick up a reading habit is


what you love until

You love to Read”


2) Talk to People – Find a Mentor:

Talk to people to a lot of people from different backgrounds and ideologies, the more you expose yourself to different types of thinking the more you get to understand the world around you. if you hang out with people who are very similar to you, they live near, they consume the same content as you, they think the same way you do, they vote the same way you do. Basically, you’re creating an echo chamber where your ideas get redirected back at you the problem is,


“That Growth happens only

 when you expose yourself to New Concepts”


To talk to interesting people some will become guiding lights for your future. Pick one of them to become your mentor, this will be one of the best investments that you can make.


3) Travel Far:

Father, you go the more your understanding of the world changed in the best possible way ten hours by plane and the entire way people look at life changes.


“The Farther you Travel the Less

Self-centered you become!!”


You realize there is an entire world out there that’s been going on forever without knowing or caring that you exist and that moment of realization is quite a big milestone in one’s journey, so embrace travel make it a priority to see hard-to-reach even with the covid situation.


4) Take Courses to Build Skills:

The Best investment you can make in yourself is to acquire new skills in your life, skills are like upgrades to the quality of the potential outcome of your life. They’re like valuable tools which you can put to work.


“The Best thing about Learning new Skills is that

nobody can take them away for you”


5) Optimize your Environment:

This has two clear benefits;

  1. Time Management – You’re no longer wasting time figuring out where all your stuff is or what you’re supposed to do next.
  2. Increasing Efficiency – Well-organized spaces allow you to get more done quickly even if you don’t follow a minimalist approach to life. The bad thing is some people never shake it off their entire lives living in a constant environment dominated by chaos. Happiness, success, and the feeling of calm come as a result of you putting an order in the chaos of the world, you can begin by optimizing your immediate environment and then expand outward.


6) Teach Something:


“If you want to

Master something, teach it

To Others!”


Learning should be about understanding, When you’re teaching someone anything it coerces you to make sure you have a good enough handle on the topic at hand, so you can pass on that knowledge.


7) Learning a new Language:

Learning a new language has an immediate marketplace added value you’ll get better jobs or better deals because of it and that’s not all, when you’re learning a new language, your brain is expanding.

Going to a restaurant in Italy and ordering in the Italian language makes all of our Italian friends throw their hands up and cheer, it gives you the feeling of being embraced by culture and there’s so much value in learning that you can do something.


8) Better Equipment and Tools:

Out of everything on this list, this is the most straightforward one. Buy better tools that allow you to either,

  1. Increase the quality of your work
  2. Do your work Faster

“If you have to choose between investing money and investing

Time, always invest Money! You’ll probably run out of time

Before you run out of money!”


And, finally, stop living for other people and start thinking about what you want out of life yourself.

Investing in yourself means taking all of these things above and pursuing them to have direct benefit and impact.