Improve work life balance while WFH

In this time of covid-19 situation work from home became new normal, many of working people feel difficulty to work without proper work environment and balancing work-life balance became very challenging.

Working from home is not much easier for working women as well as men. Concentrating on work and home simultaneously is really a great task for women employees. In this period it is very important to maintain a work-life balance to avoid stress and anxiety.

Here are some tips to follow to improve work-life balance:

  • Try to maintain workspace for work only
    Don’t work from your bed it will make you feel lazy. Having a separate area for a workspace will help to work well and able to feels like your office. Even if you don’t have a separate room for work purposes you can still allot a private work table or small area at any part of your home. Maintaining an area for work will be more helpful to do your personal and office work separately. Set a comfortable table and chair while working to avoid suffering from body aches.


  • Use your work PC for work purpose only
    Don’t use your office laptops or computers for your personal use. This will create a mess while working on confidential projects. If you are using your laptops for personal purpose then your family members also will take a grant to use it for their use thus will be safe for business details kids may collapse your personal data.


  • Allot your working time
    Allocate time as work time and family time separately. Try to complete your work within the time allotted for work. This will helps you to spend more time with family and friends. As well as you can able to concentrate for your work well. Having time for family will make you and your family members feel happy and also relaxes your mind.


  • Take a break
    Sitting in the same place for more than an hour will make your health at risk. In this busy lifestyle, many of us forget to take care of our health, it is much important to do as a daily routine. Plan your time according to your work schedule do simple stretches, exercise, and move around from your place this will even make to feel fresh also.