Boost employees to make them retain in a company

In Today’s world many employees get bored of their work within 1-2 years and they started to do something new where they find a new one.

These activities of employees actually strike the companies cost and the times directly, where it leads to the search for another employee with proper skills.

So it creates situations where the company should engage the employee to boost their business…

Some of the points to engage your employee business are,

  • Most of the employees get bored in doing repetitive tasks, so show them how their work is actually foster the companies innovations
  • When you give more responsibility to your employee they will be motivated, here responsibility means worth task, not more work, make them feel like an owner, basically, humans are goal-oriented so when you give ownership of worth achieving you will be amazed by their work
  • Take a half-day from any one of the weekdays and do something fun together, play sports like golf, hockey or football else you can take them to the team lunch so that employees can bond with each other who haven’t interacted in their place
  • Appreciate your employees by giving them gifts like a voucher or anything for their work, give them sweets on their birthday and also encourage every employee’s individually
  • Don’t order them, be like a leader rather than boss
  • Keep motivate them and appreciate them even for their small work
  • Ask advice from the employee, every employee have unique strength and unique creativity which actually help the manager to get rid of the problems
  • When your employee is youth and he/she is seeking another job to achieve their passion, make them a roadmap to achieve those passions
  • Try to do Going away parties for the existing employees who are on their way to their new chapter life, so that people who are working in your organization values their hard work