In our daily life, it is very important to make decisions in a systematic manner within a definite time. This timely decision-making process makes you confident enough in whatever job you perform. Not all the times that one can decide very easily on what task to be done initially and how to initialize the task. Here comes several parameters that are to be considered to make the right decision at the right time.



Let us know the different parameters that are involved in the decision-making process. Let us categorize them into 8 parameters. They are;


Determination to complete the given task within the given time limits

In whatever work we involve in, determination helps us to decide in a quick and effective manner. Hence there would not be any traces of ambiguity in fulfilling the required task within the right time.


Effectiveness in whatever task we are doing

Any work that is to be done needs accuracy to the maximum extent. This helps in the effective outcome of the task done thereby avoiding any sort of confusion. The effectiveness is as important as meeting the SLA given.


Consideration of all the advantages and disadvantages that come in our way while performing the task



The most important aspect is to have a clear idea of the advantages and disadvantages of performing a particular task. The procedure involved should have minimal impact on whatever actions are taken. So that it would be beneficial and avoid any further ambiguities that are expected to take place in the coming days.


Interest in doing the right task at the right time

The best effort yields the best results. In order to fulfill this statement, we should have a good focus and interest in what we are doing. Good concentration guides us in such a way that we would be flawless most of the time.



Strategic Planning in elevating the prominence of the Organization


Strategic Planning helps the Organization’s leaders define their vision for the future by identifying the Organization’s goals and objectives. This process involves selecting goals, sequencing them, and fulfilling them in a prioritized manner. Hence the Organization’s goals are achieved in a systematic manner.


Interaction plays a prominent role in decision-making

Decisions in Organizations are often made during some talk-in-interactions. This enhances the thought-provoking nature of the team thereby resulting in better outcomes. This helps in obtaining the collective effort of the team which results in the good progress of the Organization by achieving its goals and objectives in time.


Outstanding performance is the result of a timely and effective decision-making


The employee should have the ability to good communication, active listening, timely and effective decision making, and should be punctual in performing the tasks given. Then the employee can exceed the established expectations of the Organization in terms of quality and the quantity of work. Hence becomes an outstanding employee.

Necessary steps to be communicated in order to avoid any obstacles in handling the task.

Communication plays a very prominent role in an organization. This could be verbal, through written media, visual, or non-verbal. These are the essential communication skills for the growth of the Organization. Also helps every individual in building a successful carrier.

Hence by following the above parameters in decision-making, one can achieve a successful career and thereby fulfill the goals and objectives of the Organization.